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Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing informational resources to families whose loved ones are murdered in Milwaukee. Our organization is funded 100% by donations from generous parties.

Families of homicide victims are paralysed and numb. Getting out of bed or eating a meal is a chore. We literally hold the hand of victims families at the most devastating point in their lives directing, completing applications, connecting families to vital resources in our community. After the funeral Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial offers a grief support or referrals to grief support.

Many of the families stay connected for years. We offer a space where crying is allowed, expressing anger is encouraged and hugs are always plentiful.

Mission Statement

Victims of Milwaukee Violence is dedicated to providing informational resources and advocating for families whose loved ones are murdered in Milwaukee. These resources include but not limited to assisting with referrals, grief support, community support, and aftercare case management.

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