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Your struggles are not forgotten. Though you are no longer in this world, we remember what you had to go through. This is our way of honoring you.

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The Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund is 100% funded by donations. If you would like to help, send your donations online!

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Know the people behind the team at Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund. We are proud to be living our advocacy.

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide resources to families of uninsured victims of crime in Milwaukee & Milwaukee County. These resources include burial plot donation, grief counseling, mental health & after care services.


Founder: Janice M Gorden
We find it burden enough to have lost a loved one but the inability to provide a proper burial compounds the hardship. Our funding with the combination of state funding or fund raising will prayerfully ease the expense on the families.

5th Annual Walk Against ViolenceThe Maasai Tribe is Africa daily greet each other with “How are the children?” This greeting displays the value they place on the well being of their children. I share that value and today .

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