Be Informed

Do you know someone who has been murdered or injured due to the violence in Milwaukee?

Things You Should Know

Be Informed

  • Ask the MPD to call a Salvation Army Chaplain to console family.
  • Milwaukee County Medical Examiner has no urgency to move remains.
  • Discuss pricing with funeral director prior to transporting the body. Otherwise, you will owe the funeral home and prices may not be negotiable.
  • Please don’t plan a funeral with costs you cannot afford. Some funeral homes can only accommodate prices less than $2500.
  • Consider cremation and a memorial. Some cremations are less than $1000.
  • Some funeral homes will do free funerals for victims 18 and younger.
  • There is very little funding in the community to help pay for funerals. Be proactive and purchase insurance plans for your family.

Who We Are

Victims of Milwaukee Violence advocates and provides informational resources to families whose loved ones have been affected by Milwaukee violence.

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