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Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund has serviced families with financial resources for burial, grief counseling, finding resources for housing for a disabled gentlemen, found medical resources for a young lady with disabilities, assisted a homeless mom and three small children finding financial resources for housing, and assisted a family in Arizona by providing resources in to Arizona Crime Victim Compensation Program to bury her nephew who was murdered in Arizona.

  • Referrals to grief counseling
  • Referrals to other resources
  • Referrals to Funeral Directors
  • CM referral

Victims of Milwaukee Violence Application Information

  • If person applying has life insurance they will not be found illegible for funding.
  • An application may be filed by, or on behalf of, a person who died as a result of a crime.
  • Please print clearly in ink. Separate applications must be completed for each person.
  • Completed, signed application should be filed as soon as possible.
  • All information requested by VOMVBF has to be submitted promptly.
  • Return completed application to the address listed on the bottom of this page.

Eligibility Requirements in order to qualify for funding:

  • Crime must be reported and proof of violence
  • Legal proof of identification IE: ID card, birth certificate, Medical Examiner report with stamp

Please fill-out the form below and submit to Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund.

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