Volunteer Opportunities

Grief support counselors

Families are devastated when they receive the news of a loved one’s loss of life and the immediate cost of burial, planning and many decisions to make. Grief counselors are needed to help guide the families through the process, hold hands, and support spiritually. This process could be long or short but non-the-less very important for the family.

Assist families in gathering legal documents

Due to the distress families experience gathering and completing application process can be a hardship. This process is compounded with cognitive delays and illiteracy. Application process requires deceased is identified appropriately with legal documents. Medical Examiner office does have a form stamped by them which is accepted as proof of identification. Other forms are id card and birth certificate.

Other volunteer opportunities include but not limited to:

  • Agencies can do fund raisers for us (only with our permission/presence) If VOMVBF finds an agency did fund raiser in our name without permission and without our presence prosecution will occur to violator.
  • Assistance at fund raisers, greeters, servers, donations of prizes
  • Donate office equipment and supplies
  • Donate time and space in your building for fund raiser

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